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Say It


I like your little games
I like the chase, I like the pretence
No way, you are not just being nice
The way you smile these days
Don't tell me these are kind smiles
And your levels of care:
“Don't be stupid, you terrible fool!
My life will be a ‘broken’ wretch
If you do another similar mistake!”
Haha, your levels of care...

I like the comical look
On your graceful face
When I ask you,“How's your dude doing?”
“My dude... Oh, my dude is fine
He's fine... Yeah, he's fine, very fine
Only that he doesn't know
I would die twice if he died!”
Who is this dude... Anyway
I like your little pun
Why is it that difficult
To let go when we hug
You even grouse
Say my hugs are too short and unloving!
I like, I really like...

I like the way you look in my eyes
I like the melancholic look
In those nagging eyes
The stupid smile on your silklike lips
How you unconsciously lead my hands
Towards your raunchy hips
Haha, how you cunningly throw me away
Complaining in a crafty tone
That I shouldn't be touching you like that
I shouldn't do it again, EVER!
That your dude is always watching
I like your choice of words...

I like how you lazily let go
Of my hand after we greet
I like the silly twirls you make
I like it when you weakly point out
“You're taaaall...”
The way you look at me
Like my head lives in the purple clouds
I like how your bitter voice asks sweetly
“How do I look? ”
You ask that a thousand times
In a millisecond!
Should I tell you that you don't look good
That you look like a filthy goddamn angel
That you are the irresistible irking goddess
That you're so badly shaped
Like the ‘ungeometrical’ hourglass
I like, I absolutely like...

I've known you
Your sweet temper and roughly unkind love
Your many “Don't ever call me, we're done
Even when you see me pretend you're blind
This is the last call I'm making
I'll only call you
Only when I really have to
But don't you dare call me, or see me!”

How you call again after two seconds
“I hope I've made myself clear, you fool!”
Then one last more
Then the most last one
“I said ever! E-V-E-R!”
Then the very last last one
“Oooh, you're laughing?
I'm really serious! Taliban serious!
Very Afghanistan serious!”
Then the serious last one
“Are you still mad at me, you idiot?”

© 254brady, 2017


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