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Have you
Ever touched heaven
With the magnetic fingers
Of your troubled heart...
Did you ever feel
"Yeah, man, this thing
Is real!"
Have you ever fallen
In love
Deeply you forgot your breath...
You have?
Have not?
Have to?

Her beautifully big African lips
Spread out possessively
Bushy secretive eyebrows...
My fetish...
Her mysteriously smiling eyes
Behind dark genuine frames
Did I mention
Her natural galactic black hair
Black, sexy, sacred skin
She had both her breasts
Rippling and thudding
In full swing
About to explode
And her back wasn't
Straight downwards
She could sit properly
Her ...tocks were intact
But you only needed
To see her deep
Evil-looking navel...

Evil-looking navel
Looking so rude but erotic
Provoking you to sin...
She spoke like heaven
And her broad titanium smile
Killed my innocence
She showed me her heart
I let her touch mine
I felt so close to heaven
Every time
She sang my name

I'm yet to see
A girl who can give in
Like she did
I'm yet to see
A body that can cave in
On me
Like hers
Those addictive black knees
Sensual and carnal!
Warm, fleshy, aromatic thighs
That melted my icy groin
Sweet, evil, wolfish breath
Sweaty, slippery, warm, tight strongholds
Pleasure and love intertwined
Heavenly ecstasies!!!

You are like
A sweet
Spanish song
A sweet violin tune
Whose lyrics I can't comprend
Yet I don't hope for an end
They say
Love is a choice; not a feeling
My choices and feelings
Got mixed up
The day your fingers
First crept
Down my throbbing navel

©254brady, August 2018

Photo: Frank Morrison


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