AS I LAY IN BED: by Josie

Saturday, March 02, 2019

As I lay in bed
I thought of him
How often he'd smile down at me
How he'd carry me in his arms
Place me in his thighs
Play with my hair
How he'd lock my eyes in his
And say he loved the innocence in them


How he thought I was phenomenal,
So rare yet intelligent
Maybe I was his gem
But he too was my diamond
I miss him
The trail of his fingers on my skin
The taste of his lips on mine
Even though together we were never meant


He still was right for me
He was my first
My only,my special one
And now love doesn't smell the same
Lips don't taste the same
A touch doesn't feel the same
How soon I hope all this changes
For even in my lowest
I still wish he was there for me.



Josie is among the most hardworking poets, if you asked me. Her flow is a thrill! If you haven't started reading her you better start now:

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