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Make Money Online Lesson #4: When PayPal Says "Sorry We Couldn't Confirm It's You"

I had planned to share other online wallets in this post but I'd like us to dig deeper into PayPal.

PayPal can be frustrating sometimes if you fail to use it well, especially when you don't know that you're not using it well.

When PayPal tells you "PayPal is looking out for you"


then you click the "next" button and you're greeted with "Sorry, we couldn't confirm it's you you"


, this can really shock you!

Don't worry though. I've experienced this problem before and it's OK. At first, I panicked when I saw this and had thoughts that my PayPal had been hacked or frozen. I tried to find solutions through search engines and other sources but the results were not helpful. So, you are reading the first article online that will help you access your PayPal once again! Haha! You should pat my back as I pass the pat to my friend Anthony.

Down to business now. Follow these steps to "unlock" your PayPal:
1. Initiate PayPal Sign In page again. Make sure the PayPal you are using is of your country. If you are in Kenya, for example, search PayPal Kenya.
2. This time, don't fill in your Sign In details. Click on having trouble signing in.
3. You'll be given options on how to receive a code. Select your email. A code will be sent to your email.
4. Sign in your email using a new tab and fill in the code from PayPal on the PayPal tab.
5. Next you'll be required to accept that another code be sent to your phone number. Make sure your phone number is working.
6. Fill in the code sent to your phone number.
7. Change your password.
8. Hooray! You can now access your PayPal again!

For these steps to be successful, use a computer and not your phone(in case it is a low end phone). Also make sure you're using the latest browser, preferably Chrome or Firefox
If you find any trouble in these steps, please let me know. In case this turns out to be helpful, don't be mean; say thank you, haha!
Stay tuned as my next article in this category will be on How To Make Your PayPal Safe

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