HOLD ON: by Claire Shee

Sunday, February 17, 2019

I've swallowed my words
Long enough
To know the roughness
The sadness
As they slowly
Slide down my throat
Without ever being heard


I've known the heart ache
Of tears I couldn't shed
Swollen red eyes
Hidden by costly shades
In the name of fashion


I've known the bitterness
Of bright beautiful smiles
Draining all my energy
When I was hoping
Wishing tomorrow doesn't come
Another day, another lie
Of how happy I was


And I wish I could say
I understand
But I haven't walked your shoes
Could be easier
Or maybe worse than I can imagine
But that rope
Those pills
That suicidal thought
It ain't the solution, boy
Tomorrow the sun shines
And the future awaits



Claire uses the simplest way possible to relay her message. Her poems may look simple and straightforward but they carry heavier deeper meanings. Reading her makes you discover things you thought you knew from a much comprehensive dimension. You can find more about her by clicking on the links below:

Claire on Facebook

Claire on Instagram


  1. Claire has the best diction out there. Her style and flow of words is not only interesting, amusing but also thought provoking. I have read most of her works and they are out of this world. Am her number one fan. I admire her. She writes out of experience and from deep down her heart. Thank you for giving her the platform.

    1. Thank you so much Njogu for acknowledging this great gift and heart! I totally agree with all you have said. Sometimes I can't actually find words to describe Claire's work!!! Simply put, I LOVE HER WORK!
      And I'm trying my best to see that I work with these talents so that it's not always about the ‘big names’. I say, real talent is not yet televised­čśŐ

  2. John Njogu am speechless..... Thank you Brady Kenya all I can say is God bless you


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