DEAR X LOVER: by Claire Shee

Monday, February 25, 2019

I keep saying
Am over you
I've hoped to believe it
And I almost did
But truth be told
You are the stains in my mind
And the scars in my heart
You are the fears I live
You are what I look out for
In every man I meet


I said am over you
But I admit
You are the ink stains
In every piece of paper
I've thrown in the trash can
I read you in every line
Of every poem I write
I said am over you but damn!
You are nimbus clouds
Threatening to pour
Every second I breathe


I said am over you
But I guess
You are the biggest lesson
I've learnt
The one that left stretch marks
Etched on every pore in my skin
I guess you are the stench
I have to embrace
Learn to live with because boy!
It was never
My, your, it was our smell, our aura


I said am over you
But I also said
I would love you till forever
And you promised too
Only forever was the second
The pregnancy test turned positive
And you said
It was a little too soon
I said am over you
But your blood flowed in that foetus
So I see you in him
Every day
Of my life
And remember forever
Was mine alone
Never us


I said am over you
But how can I be over you
When you changed me
My life within seconds
Like six years of being together
Was nothing
I said am over you
But I meant you taught me
The art of accepting
Choosing, loving and letting go
I said am over you
But I meant you will always
Be part of me
But without the power
To damage me


I said am over you
But I will never be over you
Wouldn't want
To be over you because
That would strip me off
The woman I have become
I said am over you but I meant
I've learnt to live with you
In my skin and smile
While I tell tales of what we were


I said am over you
But boy you the x I solved
And resolved



Wow! The last time Claire was here, she left us filled with awe. Today she hits us again with this wonderfully woven poem. Now, I'm sure you understand what I mean when I say her work is irresistible. You don't want to miss this and more. Link up with her:

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  1. Claire ciru this work is incredible, poetry in its finest.congratulations dear.


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