CONCUR: By Nazlene

Monday, February 11, 2019

For once,
I will let you seduce me
With your arousing seductive eyes
With your luscious sexy lips
That leave me in fantasy mode
I will allow you to Seduce me!
With that deep commanding voice,
That my emotions obey and bow to,
Seduce me!


Yes seduce me,
With your broad yet
accommodating chest,
That flexible manly waistline,
With your firm arms and calm touchy palm,
With your firm manly thighs and energy of your youth,
Seduce me!
With the strength of a lion,
And the zeal of an iron
I will allow you to seduce me


In this hot red lingerie,
I want you to hold me,
With my naked-emotions
I want you to rip my shyness away
I want you to see only me under the moonlight
I want you to remember my face
Only mine in a thousand years
I want you to never forget of this night ,
Even after your reincarnation!
Cause today,
I will allow you to seduce me


Yes seduce me
Let's climb this erotic mountain together,
Let's go down the best scented valleys together
Explore all my curves and count my ribs
And allow me to spot your missing ribs!
Let's giggle, to every tickle
And catch our breathe together,
Cause today,
I will allow you to seduce me!



Nazlene is a fast-rising underground Kenyan female poet whose carefully written poetry evokes a ton in the reader. Find out more about her by checking her page Naz Heart Art . Click! Click!

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  1. Wow, good poetic words of love there. Great writings girl.


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