Earn Money Online Lesson #2: Make Money Writing Articles

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Did you enjoy my article on How to Open an Account at PayPal? This one is even more interesting! Yeah. Is there a good reason you should have a bank account without anything in it? A big NO! Especially when there are many ways of having your account loaded. And here, I am going to show you how you can earn money through writing articles .

Writers don't make a lot of money, right? You can't make a living out of writing, right? WRONG! Don't take your writing talent for granted. Can you come up with some nicely-written work? Amazing! But you haven't made anything out of this bulk people call a talent! Breathe iiiiiiiin, breathe ouuuuuuuut! Relax.

Let me introduce to you a world you may not have known existed. Make money doing what you love—writing! Make up to $100+ per article. Check out the sites below, and dare join the one(s) that suite(s) you.



I placed Fiverr as #1 because it's much easier to make $5 per article here. It's not only in writing that you could make money but you could do other gigs that seem unrealistic like record yourself reading an article then wait for someone to buy it!
You get paid $4 and Fiverr takes $1. A good deal, isn't it? Join Fiverr by clicking here.

2.Funds For Writers


The topics here are marketing,freelancing, writing and blogging. Original articles will earn you a handsome $50 while reprints give you $15. Visit the site by clicking here.



Earn between $5 to $100 depending on your creativity. You won't get strains in payment as the clients here are very professional. Click here to join.



Can you write up to 1500 words? If you can, then there's no other better place to make money than ListVerse. This site pays you $100 for every 1500 words. If you can make a list of 10, unique, items, then you should try this. Click here.

5. Playboy


Who doesn't want some hot $350 in their bank account? When you write for Playboy, that's what you could get; depending on the type of article you write. Click here.

6.Eureka Street


Good news from Australia! Are you a poet? This site will pay you $50 when you write a poem. It's one of its kind as sites like this are not easy to find. An article here could fetch $200. Try it now.



Do you believe you can spin words to come up with something funny. Try Cracked. Make a list of 10 witty and funny items, and have between $50 to $200! Wow! You get paid for being funny? O yes! Go to Cracked now!

8.Be A Freelance Blogger


For 500 words, you make $50. All you need to do is write an article on marketing, freelancing and blogging. Join now .

9.Make A Living Writing


This one pays between $75 and $100 for guest posts as per the complexity of research involved. Get started.

10.WOW! Women on Writing


Here women will benefit for every article you write earns you in the range of $50 to $150. Join this site.

Well, these will start you off. More coming your way. Any problems? Anything to say concerning this post? Drop it in the comment box below and I'll be waiting to help you out. As you do so, I hope my tutorials are making sense. Stay around for more informative articles.

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