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Too Tired for This



Ain't even gonna raise my hand
‘Cause joy and peace I've tried to find
Maybe this is the end
But I ought to be my own friend


The world is not going to tear me
Neither I'm I falling to my knee
I've once been in this sea
But never did treasure trunks beam for me to see


It may be now or tomorrow or never
But trust me, I won't slay a beaver
I've been in cold with goosebumps and a shiver
Lie to me I saw a steaming river


I'm too tired chasing the wind
Yet I see nothing strong to bind
Allow me then my joy to find
A little smile will be kind


Maggots and ugly things
Save my heart from wasp stings
You don't know how much I need those wings
The beauty when the break time bell rings


Composed in 2016