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The Titanic 2017



Should the Titanic sink
Let me have your nose in paint and ink
Should we sink in the deep blue ocean bed
Let me have your seductive body on canvas
We might lie next to trilobites
In the dark ocean trench
Your seductive body on canvas


Our vessel the universe couldn't sink
Woe, it trembles on feeble Atlantic waters
But we need fins and gills
To conquer the cities beneath
But our love will come back as a plankton
For the Titanic has cracked in the middle
Your seductive body on canvas


Your seductive body on canvas
Let me have
I might have called for a nude
But it's too late to be rude
For blue Atlantic waters percolate
Up through the crack
The Atlantic is no more pacific
And the masters and captains
Cannot placate the angry sea
And gorgons give a rapturous applause
Your seductive body on canvas


The Titanic is sinking, darling
And mementos may not be just
For none of us might have them
But your seductive body on canvas
Might bring light in the abyss
Of despair among earthlings
For our souls will escape tonight
And follow our bodies down the deep
Your seductive body on canvas