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Taita Girl



Like dew under the Sahara sun
I wake up and find you gone
Used to be us now I'm alone
But I'm captured by memories
Of a life that knew not miseries


Baby, I used to hold you tight
Under the calm palm at night
You sang to me
As we worshipped the sea
Jotting vows in the white sand
With a leg and a lazy hand
Taita girl, Taita girl
Don't you remember the kisses
Calm hot-buttered kisses
Taita girl, Taita girl
Don't you remember the caresses
Silent ravenous caresses
Taita girl, lie to me


Taita girl, when your voice sang
Heavens would slam and bang
Your voice was harmonic and young
Taita girl, when your eyes teased
Baby, wonders ceased
Souls a zillion you pleased


How like Paradise it felt
How like butter my heart would melt
When I held your hourglass body
When I smooched every goody
When each tender breast
Stroke... speared my passionate chest


Girl, and when we made love
My groin would straight and curve
Praising the symphony
Of sweetness surpassing honey
Oozing from an angelic figure
You don't know what you'd trigger
We ripped into us like wolves
A loving without gloves
Two hungry things of the wild
Rogue... We knew not mild
Never fast, never slow
Artistic... Enjoyable blow after blow
Taita girl, lie to me...


Composed in 2016