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Silent Night Carols



Grasp me like a cheetah grasps its prey
Entangle me in your arms, I pray
Drink my lips I'll pay
Yes, gyrate your hips that way
Let passion ripple through our veins
Whirl on me till it rains
Roses and gillyflowers
Girl, this night is ours!


I hold you like a glass of wine
You twirl on me like a wild vine
A feeling so divine
Knowing you're mine
Yes, let's make a love shrine
Fumble your fingers down my spine
I'll cup what's to be cupped
You'll lap what's to be lapped


You don't know how I've missed...
How so many gorgons I've kissed
Before I found you
This is fun, this is new
My feelings are solemn and true
How and why I've got no clue
But it's our turn and chance
To this tune we dance


I love the gaze in your eyes
The feel in your dimples... Just nice!
Your warmth is an oven
That makes it feel like heaven
Permission given
The way you want it
Right here, soldier, I'm your bandit


Silent night carols
I love the way your body rolls
To the beat and rhyme
How we waste time
Listening to us
How my feelings you nurse
I love when the beat gets worse
I love when words become terse
Grasp me like a cheetah grasps its prey
Entangle me in your arms, I pray