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I Will Marry Fatmah



Yesterday I took Fatmah
To my beloved Mama
I know dear Mama when she's angry
She doesn't love all and sundry
So she glowered at the beautiful hijab
Almost spat in the face of my Arab
Fatmah may sing the best Taarab
But Mama's anger none can curb


"You!" she called me 'you'
And times like these aren't new
"You've decided to go for a hooligan
She might be carrying a gun."
Fatmah's lovely, big eyes were cast on floor
Her toes itched to reach the door
"And you, silly son
Are a terrible good-for-nothing goon
As far as I know you in sun
And moon
You are a stranger to religion


"Yes, I am a stranger to perfection
But, Mama, this is my option
Haven't you been too much an onion
My eyes cry from sulphur
Haven't I tried, this far?"
Mama's mouth twitched in annoyance
And then there was silence
I heard my Fatmah sob
So colour and gods were about to rob
The love in her bossom
Back to the bottom


Yes, I am going to marry Fatmah
My hair might be kinked and rough
But I am going to marry Fatmah
Religion may have flown too fast
But I sure will marry Fatmah
I love Fatmah's lovely, dark eyes
I love Fatmah's deep navel
I love Fatmah's enchanting, long nose
I love Fatmah's ant-waist
I love Fatmah, I love Fatmah!!!