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Forcefully Blind



Didn't you see the thirst
Will you say all that was lost
Saying goodbye in mist
Without a kick or fist
What couldn't I do for you


All was lost I think
A cup of fire I was left to drink
With a heart about to shrink
And my eyes covered in black ink
What didn't I do for you


Once I saw your back
I knew you were a duck
Yet a shark
I guess, before, I was in the dark
What was I to do for you


I did my all
And gave my soul
With you I could rise and fall
Yet all these you couldn't recall
What should I have done for you


Though a cake of sulphur I've eaten
I hope Prince Charming will pick you from that den
And before you count to ten
You'll be happy and taken
That's all I wish I could've done for you


Composed on 16th of May 2016 by Brady Kenya
Inspired by Willie Freddie