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Dear Penelope



Before your thing
Could fit in your thong
When your chest was flat
And your tush just a bat
I knew you super diva
I said the first viva!
I bathed you in a river
And I loved you that way
I wanted you everyday


When your nose was still wet
And slugs made you fret
I drove the monsters away
Huge frogs I'd slay
To appease you, my goddess
To please you, empress
A straw couldn't fit in your mouth
Your tongue was too smooth
To tongue-fight
Before you even gained sight...
And I loved you that way
I wanted you everyday


Now that your lips are bee-stung
And your thing can tear a thong
You spin your hips in my face
My spirit you deface
You pride in your long legs
I saw them when they were pegs
I saw your breasts
Before they became beasts
When they were only pimples
Yes, not even samples...
But I still love you this way
And I want you everyday


We'd sneeze in the same handkerchief
Oh, daughter of sheriff...
Your face will have a wrinkle
Your eye will lose the twinkle
You will walk with a crouch
Sleep all day in a couch
You will lose your sight
You will fear the night
Yet I'll still love you that way
And want you everyday


I knew you when you were Pipi
Now they call you Penelope
And the way you made me feel...
The way my wounds you'd heal
The way my world stood still
The way my fears you'd kill...
The way you made me behave
I'll love you to the grave
For memories overwhelm reality
Won't you let go of your vanity
And swing that waist a little lower
Apo sawa! [“Right there!”]
For I love you this way
And I want you everyday