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Cold and Lifeless



I wish there could have been a way
Of knowing how you cry
’Cause every time you're smiling
Are you happy or sad
Turns out I don't even know you
You always look new


Is it so hard to speak your heart
Or do you fear getting hurt
Do you fear it may fall apart
Then why do you say it when it's too late
Would you still count that as fate
Gimme a break
Won't you speak


I find myself starting again
Again and again
No, this isn't a good bargain
I feel guilty for what I do not know
Should I tend what I didn't sow


Sometimes the heart should talk
Or are you gonna strike
In winter when it's cold and lifeless
Can't even think of how to do this
Don't even know if it's worth this chase


At times I feel wanted
Now and then haunted
This seems a leap of faith
But what is love mixed with wrath