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Chalice of Blood



Love was planted in spring
I chirped like a toddler on the swing
I flew without flapping a wing
'Bright future' we'd sing
It's autumn and hopes sink
Eyes of horror, not a single blink


When we found true love
Not in a rose or dove
And realised all angels aren't from above
That in holding you need a glove
So we'd not even reached half
Waters were too high to surf


And tears rolled down my cheeks
Like the Nile rapids, no breaks
You're not the right bricks
I can feel the pain in your pecks
At your sight my heart sags
I shouldn't have carried these bags


I know I'm not but I'm good
I'd starve if you were the only food
I know this is the wrong mood
But the heart isn't made of wood
So I sing this melancholy with my flute
I decide where to glide my foot


I never mentioned hatred
Your name has remained sacred
You gave me life and bread
But the message in my eyes you never read
This might be my fate
But wait, I'm becoming a kite