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Introducing Dan and Alice: Simple, Natural and on Point!

Introducing Dan and Alice: Simple, Natural and on Point!

Hey! Guys... I've got something amazing for you!

Let me introduce to you two people from the land called Cool People Only. Cool People, let's get on the road!


Mmmmm! They are on the road, right? Er... Dan?


Dan: Yeah, what's up?

Brady: Tell us a story. We need a nice story...


Shhh... He's thinking of one... Er...


Bing! Thought you'd delay us... What's the story?


Dan: A long long long...

Brady: Dan wait!


Dan: What?

Brady: I'm sure you're hiding something!


Dan: I'm a very honest man, Brady.

Brady: C'mon! I know you're honest but there's something below you!


Dan: Bro, I'm not hiding anything! I'm a very honest man.

Brady: Honest people also hide things... what's below you, Dan?


Whoa! So this is it? This is so cool, bro! I've never thought of such in all my life!


Dan: Yeah, we're the people! What do you say, m’lady?


She's agreed! And I agree too. But if only we could see her face... Or is she shy? We can excuse h...


Alice: Who's shy? My name's Alice and any single joke about me is gonna cook trouble! Any questions???

Brady: Er... Aaah... No... Yes, no! In fact I was just packing. Nice to meet you, guys! Er... Nice shoes, Alice... Er... And everything!!!


Aha! There you have it. A Dalice enchantment. You'll agree the duo is so photogenic! I didn't want to enjoy this alone!

PHOTOS: IG @danty_hillz and @alicekabz

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