How to Publish a Book on Amazon

Friday, March 03, 2017

How to Publish a Book on Amazon

Hey! Long time no see! I'm back again. I want us to learn something new today. Probably you may have heard about it, or not. Well, what could this be? I've received various concerns on how to publish a book on Amazon. You don't have to worry now for this post has all you need.

Let's get started. You have written a book and it's been hectic to find a publisher. You have given up and decided that writing doesn't pay. It's a good choice but, hey, you are the fellow I am looking for!

OK. You must first have the book in MS Word format, which is easy. Just have the soft copy of your book with a .docx extension. Another thing you need, which will help you collect your money is a US bank account. Not again! Not again! Not ag... Reeeeelax. All you need is an account at Payoneer. Payoneer gives you a virtual US and UK bank account. Click on this link to open a US bank account with $0.00Bn. (There's an article lined up about Payoneer. So stay tuned.) Now sign up for an account on Amazon by clicking here.

There! Now follow the steps below:

1. Fill in your Book Details: The Title, sub-title, author, publisher and the description of your book go in this section.
2. Verify your Publishing rights: Indicate whether the book is yours or whether it is a Public Domains Work. For public domains work, you need to differentiate the book so as to make it unique.
3. Target of your book: This is where you give information that gives a clear indication of who your book targets, age-wise or otherwise. Categories and keywords are also selected in this section.
4. Select the book release options: If you do not wish to release your book as yet, you can have it available for pre-preorder.
5. Upload your book cover: If you already have a book cover, this is where you upload it. Amazon also allows you to create a book cover so there's no need to worry if you do not have one.
6. Upload your book: This is the point where you upload your book. Though it is possible to convert PDF to Kindle, a Word document converts better.
7. Click 'Save and Continue' to proceed to the pricing section.
8. Select where/the countries you wish to sell your book in.
9. Indicate the Royalty. It can either be 30% or 70% depending on the pricing of your book.
10. Enter the Price of your book.
11. When you've entered all the details, select publish.

Well, you'll wait for about 48hrs before your book becomes live. After this, your readers just have to download it(as they pay, of course). You can now sleep and earn. But don't sleep much for there's another part of it which we call marketing. Stay tuned for details on how to market your book on Amazon.

Meanwhile, why not check out the titles below on Amazon? They will serve as a good example for you. Click on the images for details.


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