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Never Do I Learn

Never Do I Learn


How many times have I told myself
How many times have I sworn
How many times have I made promises
That I won't be here again

But it seems I never learn
Never do I learn
Even when bells chime in my ears
For a thousand and one years
Never do I learn

Songs I've written of melancholy
No harmony
Each side I walked and stumbled
Reduced me to a dot
But never do I learn
Never do I learn

Sometimes I feel my fingers burning
But the charm of the fire fools me
So I stay there glaring
At the magic thing
Yet I'm burning
Never do I learn

My heart should you have been a door
I'd lock and cast the keys
Far in the deep
My heart should you have been a child
I'd cane till you bleed
But how many times...
Never do I learn