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Hispanic Girl



‘Amor,amor’ she sang on stage
‘Envite …’ I couldn’t get her well
But her Spanish was wow I did marvel
And her beauty was … no Spanish word could exlain;
The beautiful Hispanic girl

She sang her soul to the mundo
Sang with her sweet voice
Swayed and heaved with passion
Seductive body sending signals to our loins
Saliva found its way out of our mouths
Our girls slapped us with jealousy
But the Hispanic girl went on to charm

Behind the scenes me and her
All smiles passion in our eyes
“Amor, amor, mi amor …’ she sang to me behind the scenes
Explained in detail with warm caresses
Illustrated passionately with her kisses
Silent moments full of internal noise!

My ebony girl came
Just in time to find us deep in love
‘It’s over!’ she hit me with her handbag
Spilled her make-up my African girl
A shock when the Hispanic girl’s Italian guy
Found us snogging
‘Fine!’ he cursed full of Italian fury
But left me to have a share of amor
With the sassy Spanish speaking
Hispanic girl …