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I'm of course saying goodbye but not a bad one. Stop holding your breath, hahaha😂 I have moved from www.254brady.ga to www.254brady.com There's no big difference actually but for the purposes of ‘professionalism’, and to make it easy for other visitors, I've finally come to this decision.

In the meantime, I'm not giving up this domain yet. I have about one year with it; so you'll still find my blog posts here. However, I will stop updating this blog from 15th May 2019. For newer posts, kindly visit www.254brady.com


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Hatch Faster



Hatch faster
Daughter of the pearl, hatch
Break break break the shell
You are no longer the toddler you were
Hatch faster hatch
Break break break the shell

Days are racing Gloria
Come out of the shell hatch
Mama will no longer hold you
Taa-taa-taa as you walk
Come out and let us lionize your beauty
Hatch faster hatch

Your vigor and figure amaze
You leave our hearts ablaze
You dazzle with beauty Gloria
Swagger, sway, and heave, glamorous
Hatch faster hatch
Break break break the shell
You say you are allergic to the sun
Yet you aren’t an albino
But you insist sun burns your eyes
Like an inferno
Break the shell hatch
Break break break the shell