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I'm of course saying goodbye but not a bad one. Stop holding your breath, hahaha😂 I have moved from www.254brady.ga to www.254brady.com There's no big difference actually but for the purposes of ‘professionalism’, and to make it easy for other visitors, I've finally come to this decision.

In the meantime, I'm not giving up this domain yet. I have about one year with it; so you'll still find my blog posts here. However, I will stop updating this blog from 15th May 2019. For newer posts, kindly visit www.254brady.com


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Beauty Queen



Behold the beauty queen
Tall but glamour makes you shine
Appealingly set and glimmering eyes
Oh can assuredly dissolve ice
Wow! You are so nice
You truly are the goddess of glamour

Your essence
Flourishing and tantalizing
Makes air worth kissing
Your harmonious voice
Dripping like undefiled honey
Surely you deserve adoration

How nice
What a combination
Beauty accompanied by compassion
A stunning angel has made me hum
Dropped straight from beauties' special room
To preserve not to harm
Sweetheart have mercy.

Your hair
Smooth to stroke my dear
I need no firebrand in here
For tonight I have light
A luminary has toured my hut
Ravishment has sealed my heart