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When The Day Comes

WHEN THE DAY COMES old2.jpg_480_480_0_64000_0_1_0.jpg

When the day comes
When I'll have done all sums
Of life
How will those who know me behave
Will they cry with some love
Or will they say
'Yes! He is gone!
Our daughters and wives are safe
What a dawn!'

Will people mourn
Till the sun goes down
Will those who know me frown
And console themselves with a sweet bitter hymn
Will bees mind to give a hum

Will I have a special cremation
Will my ashes be moved across every nation
Or will I have my ashes scattered in the jungle
If so, will mosquitoes venture with their whines
Or will animals run away claiming
'That man was a demon
Get his ashes out of our way!'


How will it be when the day comes
When I'll have done all sums