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Time Has Come



Standing out from the rest, I must shine
Though today I wail, 'till be fine
Gone are days I used to have pain
Today I say I must gain
Today I free myself from this chain
No more being called a failure again

It is dawn; it is dawn
Pain is gone; pain is gone
I can feel the rays of sun in my heart
Brightening all my coals; I feel so great
Standing out from the rest I cannot wait
Time has come; time has come
I raise my name; I raise my name

Gone are days I used to say no-no-no!
Today I say I must glow
All my inner energies I must show
All my worries all my fears wind should blow
Hidden treasures of success I must know
All my doubts all my fears go-go-go!


I see the golden cup before me; I must run
And on the wall of the hall of fame my name should lean
All the letters of my name should be known
All the tricks of achievers, I must learn
All my shame, all my doubts should be blown
Gone are days I used to say I am done!

© 2013