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Tuesday, July 07, 2015


I won't lie to you that I started painting a long long long time ago. What I've done since I can't remember is drawing. I have had the desire to create since I was a kid hence I've indulged in creative obsessions like drawing and writing.


The one you see above is one of my earliest paintings. In fact the earliest. I didn't paint from imagination. Most of my works are out of observation. Though I try to be a bit creative by adding things here and there to bring out a different look. The one above I did in 2011. Yeah, even the one below.


I must say I love the works I did in 2011 since that's the year I began to play with paint. Here are old ones:


Yup! The black and white one is a painting. I used black and white. Though in art, I'm told black and white are not colours but neutral colours. Huhuhu!


2012 and 2013 were really bad years for me but I love them. You see, most of my paintings, I gave to friends. So I remained with the ones you've seen above. Oops! And the one below


Okay. I love painting women but, trust me, I don't go beyond there. And when I came across the photo that had something similar to the painting I was like, "Ow! I gotta paint this diva!"

Huhuhuhu! Er... One more:


This is my first painting purely done out of imagination. Huhu, a woman, of course. More followed, most out of observation, but it's either I gave out or lost them. So this marked the end of my journey in watercolour. Last year, I devoured oil colour:


I really don't know what has made me so attached to the butterfly. When I painted this thing last year, I threw it away since it reminded me of how bad I could be with oil colour. It is about one year old. So I just have to love it since it is the only memory I have for my 2014 paintings. Others I sold, the remaining I gave out. What about this year?


Huhu, not bad. Women! Oh, then I squeezed my empty imagination and...


Ah! That made me combine imagination, observation and twists to create


Mmmm... That looks better. Oh! And then I loved Leonardo Da Vinci and thought of having my own version of Mona Lisa.


Aww! After painting this girl I got so tired with paint. So I painted a tree.


What do you call this tree? I don't know!


Well, this is my swansong as at now. I don't paint much since painting can suck sometimes. Huhu! Not much actually. But I promise that each time I paint something nice, I'll be putting it on this blog for you to have a look.

So, what are my plans? I want to come up with my own voice in painting. I am turning twenty this year and I am of the thought that I should grow up from painting from observation and come up with my own identity. Locally, I admire Patrick Mukabi. This guy has got it!


And he loves painting women.Why? He was asked one day. His response:

"Because I am a man!"


Frank indeed. And if you ask me, he knows what is on a woman and where.

Okay, now. Finishing this article without mentioning a brother who allowed me to toy with his paints in 2011 is something I can't afford to do.


I will live to remember Jerome Kahi for his talent in art and his good heart. His were the first paints I held in my hands and before I bought mine, I had really messed with his. I also love his works like the one above. Oh! And I had another one of his. I don't know where I kept it... Mmmmm... Wait... Wait... there!


You see, in the two photos he has used a pen and coloured pencils. Isn't he awesome? Well click here and check out his work. I could never let go of his sketchbooks for they were just awesome, for lack of words. Some people are worth remembering for the rest of one's life. Everything Jerome touches, becomes gold.

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