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Every Time With You



When the sky isn't starry
I need not to worry
For your face makes me merry
'Cause when I look in your eyes
I feel so nice
Then why should my forehead wrinkle
While the stars in your eyes twinkle?

In the evening when the sweetest breeze is blowing
When the sun is waving
Oh! It isn't dawning
Twilight means it's time for parting
But I keep wondering
Why is it that we are still relaxing?

In the night
I do not have to fight for light
For your smile is so bright
And you're seated on my right
I won't worry tonight
When I hear your voice saying 'goodnight'
For it really is a good night

But before you go I have something for you
Believe you me this is true
Whether the grass will turn blue
Believe you me this is true-ue
I really reeally reeeeeeally love you
And I enjoy every time with you