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Losing you
Dripped on my heart
Like aloes
My heart sublimed
My chest was hollow
My soul sang dirges
To a love
That had frustrated
Insult and blow
“Men don't cry,”
I'd say
Looking in the hinky mirror...
Then I'd yowl
“This love emasculated me!”

That every morning
I'd wake up!
Imagine waking up
In the morning
So bad...
Not being woken up
By your wicked, warm skin
And your wayward rump
In my crotch
Provoking untimely reincarnation
Of my ancestors...
Our bed was so tiny
For you slept in an ‘N’
Just like you were born
And I'd sweat all night...
Into the morning light
For there was glory
In the moaning...

I felt something
When I lost you
To be sure, indeed
That I'd lost something...
“This girl
Once blessed my heart
Filled the empty chambers
Taught me love...
Now she's just
Like anyone else...”
Baby, really!
You know you can't be
Just like anyone else!
You taught me to love
But like every bad teacher
You forgot
To teach me
To unlove...

This is why
It is difficult
To forget
And ‘difficult’
Has a ‘cult’ in it...
Yes, I miss you
And this prosaic heart
Still pangs for you...
For that radiant smile
Those calm, lazy eyes
And a heart so warm...
Your voice in the morning
The honey
In your vocal cords...

But if really
You feel
You'd lost something
Just like I do
Take a tour
In the broken chambers
Of this wounded heart...
Sweet harmful witch
Whose sacred scampish art
Entoils the heart of a man
Makes him think
Like a baby...
You are an addiction
I can't suppress...

©254brady, December 2018

Photo: Frank Morrison


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