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In the meantime, I'm not giving up this domain yet. I have about one year with it; so you'll still find my blog posts here. However, I will stop updating this blog from 15th May 2019. For newer posts, kindly visit www.254brady.com


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This will hurt us
But I'm just
Speaking my mind
For our ‘till forever’
Happens to be now...
The charm in your eyes
That sexy smile
Your voice
In the morning...
Are things I'm giving up

I know
I'd still fall in love
With you
And trust me
You still are a goddess
I know what I'm losing
But I won't regret
I know
I'll try to hold back
My tears
But like Lil' Wayne
There are things
I can't control
So let them drop and roll...

We're breaking up
But I feel
Stronger inside
Having you close to me
Has taught me tons
But like every novel
I won't reread
I might be tempted
Since unloving is the task

I've learnt
Not to cling
To things I can't
Have anymore
I've learnt to lose
For I lost even
The old Dear Liz
And, girl, losing
Is painful
But holding on
To something
You can't have
Is suicidal

Nobody can replace you
That hasn't changed
That skin-peeling touch
Savory kisses
Gargantuan good times
Your sweetly irritating company
The silly you...
I'm I really doing this?
Goodbye Love...
Hugs and Kisses!

© 254brady, March 2019


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