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In the meantime, I'm not giving up this domain yet. I have about one year with it; so you'll still find my blog posts here. However, I will stop updating this blog from 15th May 2019. For newer posts, kindly visit www.254brady.com


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You don't have
To say a lot of words...
You don't have
To say a word at all...
Just rape me
With your lovely gaze
And my heart will vapourize!

Oh, Swimmer Girl
At first I thought
It was just a crush
When I saw your ensnaring eyes
And blushed...
You really can mess someone, huh?
With you
I've gone to a million dates
Just in my mind
I've played with your plaited hair
Sucked your sunken dimples
Nibbled your steady knee poles
We've even played
Unfair hide-and-seek... oops!

Every evening
I've come to this swimming pool
Not that I like
Playing my violin outside
But to play to the rhythm of your body
As you wiggle and jiggle
In the freshness of Aqua
Sometimes the bow won't move
And my eyes grow
Wider than my platter face
Just seeing the magic of your body
And all my hairs can't withstand
But stand

Girl, just be honest
Don't lie to me, I won't tell...
So, lovable, tell me
How does it feel
To have a magnetic body
That renders a poet speechless
And glues the brush on the canvas...
No, I don't want you
To be mine
For those who are loved most
Hurt most
And though I love the colour
Of fire
I won't dread hugging a flame
And if you become mine
Where will I get inspiration?

© 254brady, December 2018


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