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It was not about
Your flawless body
Your wobbly assets
They were just
Like spice
Your heart jiggled
Better than your thighs...
Neither did your smile
Steal me
Like your soul...

I don't love
Yet this moment
I'm a prisoner
Stuck in this jail...
Jail of memories
Memories of love
When the two of us
Added up to one
Silly midnight calls
The teasing
Many “No, I don't love you;
I live you!”
Beautiful excruciating deep
Passionately insane moments...

Yet these days
My lover won't pick up
The phone
She won't scream in the streets
When she sees me
She won't run toward me
Sweep me to the ground
With the heaviest hug...
Don't you think
I miss you
Don't you know
The calls you don't pick
Are souls you step on
I can move on
But I can't unlove you...

I miss
Every single moment
My head rested
On your bust
How it felt
To listen to the heartbeat
Of the one I love...
People get laid
We made love
I recall
How you let go
How you felt light
In my trembling arms...

Maybe this
Is the last time
You're hearing from me
Maybe you'll call
And my phone will buzz
But I'll watch with tears in my eyes
And fail to pick
For the nails you planted in my heart
Burn like hot coal
On a plastic plate...

You left me thinking
What does a woman really want?
I took you to Everest
You murmured you couldn't see
The peak
I carried you to the peak
You cried it was too cold
I gave you my cloak
You still wept
Saying it's too heavy...
Do you see the tears
From the eyes of a violin
That's how my soul looks

©254brady, August 2018


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