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Butterfly Girl


Butterfly Girl, beloved
What will make you feel loved...
I now realize
Even if I had to caress you
With Prince Royce hands
And make the universe
Your crown
Bathe you on the moon
You'd pretend to stay
But still melt away...
P¡nk told me to get up and try
For desire
Evokes fire
And someone gets burnt
Babe, you don't burn
You burn heartlessly...

I could choke you
With a deeper
Wetter and thirstier kiss
Till your lips turn maroon
My right hand
Demolishing your neck
From behind
With a hungry grasp
While the left
Tunes the aerials
And bursts the speakers
Till they turn vermilion
And you can't control the moan...
You'd still melt away...
I could make love to you
On the Milky Way
But you'd still stumble
In a Black Hole

So many stars in the sky
So many grains of sand
Between sea and land
So much handsomness
And beauty in excess
But, babe, you can't have it all...
Mara pain...
Yes Mara pain
And I feel lost
Like an Eskimo
On Maasai Mara Plain
I know
You've read Probably
And the glass was too good
You thought of breaking it
Instead of losing it...
Babe, it hurts...

You slipped into me
So softly...
I couldn't resist
You gave me ‘love’
I yearned for more...
But I didn't know
You'd bend my spear
For the way you slipped out
Left a sore vent
Inside a sore dent...
You meant the universe
Yet I wasn't even an island...

Do I still love you
Oh, yes, I do
And it pains so good
I smile...
But the tears, love...
You know what
I miss you
I miss us
I miss how I thought
We were having fun
How I thought
You were an oasis
In this Sahara trek...
But, babe, you hurt
’Cause, babe, you're a mirage

I might pretend
I'm okay
Be gentle
As they say
But, babe, you slay
And parade my lungs
In a dungeon...
I'm being slain
Yet I'm an innocent lamb
’Cause, babe, all I gave you
Was all I had
And I stretched beyond
For you meant a lot...
... More...

I want to tell you
I still love you...
B-But I... can't
Not that I don't...
Have you ever been hurt
By someone
Who should dive into you
With a hug
When this happens...
You play with the soul
And eat the heart...
We used to talk about us
Now we've become
Yes, babe, it's raining
Sulphur, Mercury and Cyanide...
Inside my heart...
I'll be okay😢
No, I can't be okay...
You were my okay...


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