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You've forgotten the nights
We spent on the roof
Counting stars
Cuddling under the blushing moon
You've forgotten your passionate jealousy
Your passionate jealousy
Was passionate guilt

Como esta, Jazmine
I saw a bridge today
And thought of when you were jus' mine
So insanely devoted to love
I felt your lips
Rapidly pressing against mine
I felt each firm fluffy breast
Perforating my granite chest
Your hands ripped off my skin
Your voice demolished my heart
My hands walked up your calves

I stared at the bridge
Saw lovers do things we did
Then I saw the two of us
Enveloped behind passion bars
Caresses, kisses, love-bites
Teasing, nibbling, love-fights
We engraved our name
On the pillars of the bridge
To seal our love for eternity

How then does a girl
Say she's in love
If all you did is this forgotten
Littering lingerie at my place
Marking territories... Haha!
You even bogarted my name
So I could always be close to you
Insisting vehemently
I should wear your cardigan
“You need to keep yourself warmer”
Reminding all my girls
“... and the two of us are so in looove!!!”
Midnight calls to say
“Honey, shut up and sleep!”

You think I'm sad
I can't hold again
Your lissom body
But what wrinkles my soul
Is your blind rocket-fired speed
There's so much gold in this world
Yet not a second to love
The glass was too perfect
You thought of breaking it
Instead of losing it

Has olvidado las noches
Fuimos a la azotea
Contando estrellas

© 254brady 2018