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Your first letter
To me, Jecinta
I still remember
That cold September
Filled with your warmth
I couldn't trace my breath
You were sixteen and mine
I was twelve and fine

They say men love by sight
And, baby, your curves were so right
I still remember your cologne
I can still smell you in my brain
Your softness still leaks through my mind
The most precious thing I ever found
Your sweetness is still written on my lips
Your seductive smile my mind still keeps

As I read the letter
I felt taller
Was it the charm in your perfume
There were sparks and unstoppable flame
Reeling through my adolescent self
Was it a kinda magic puff
For I recall the ceaseless cough
My smile bore a loud laugh
Girl, I fell into a trance
Like a horse I'd forever prance

If I could grab a time machine
I'd dart back to sweet Emkoin
And love you even more obscene
We'd savour the Kapkeben Plateau
Catch-me-if-you-can, me and you
You remind me of Eldoret
And my mind becomes velvet
Club 411, KVDA, Jerusalem, Duka Moja
Pioneer, Langas, Sinai, Mti Moja
Maili Nne, Kapsaos... my heart stops
Sango, by the shop... I see you smile
Your cologne clouds my memory

If destiny was a cart
I wouldn't love you less
For there's a tattoo inside my heart
That even time can't erase
The mushroom dwarfs the Everest
The Angelus cups the Andes
My beard scratches my toes
My bass wrinkles the Pacific
I know the pea pod has ruptured
But I still remember
That cold September

© 254brady, 2018