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Normal Man


Things I want
To say to you
But, baby, you get so mad
I can't find your soul...
I want to tell you, love
That I'm just a normal man
With normal male weaknesses
So when things begin
To wiggle and jiggle
In my face
I'll definitely go insane
But just for a moment


Don't worry
When my neck goes 360°
The moment
Something bubbly passes by...
That Instagram girl
The estate ‘voluptuous wench’
Each of them of course
Is succubus in every man's dream...
Yes, sometimes
It gets in my head
And I wanna touch and believe
For seeing can deceive


I'd go crazy
And lasciviously wink
If Nicki blew me a kiss
I'd be in tears, almost romantic
If Cardi asked for
My name...
I may have a new crush
Every Monday
And think of all thinkables
Like naked moon rides
With these crushables
You'll get a random flirt
Trending in my WhatsApp
A random girl
Will hug me a little longer
Call me ‘bae’
And plant a kiss
Close to my lips


It's OK
If all these
Make you a little jealous
Or a little more...
But verily verily, dearest love
One thing remains strong
Like the triangular structure
In Paris
After all these soul-wilting events
There can only be one Princess
Only one lawn to mow...
The warmest hug
Sweetest voice
Skin-peeling caresses
Hot-buttered kisses
One True Love