Should Kenyans Die In ‘Peaceful’ Demonstrations Or Who Is Fooling The Other?

Thursday, October 26, 2017
Kenya Police Brutality

When disputes on election results arose in August, I heard the President say that we should let them(politicians) fight among themselves. I must comment that that was the first time I ever heard a Kenyan president and a politician talk about Kenyans. I am not endorsing Uhuru as the best choice for president for that is not my work here. I am only an observer; a lizard on the walls of the palace.

Raila won the case as the Supreme Court ruled. Well, arguments and debates emerged out of this ruling(mostly tribal) as it was concluded that a rerun will be held today. So, the question is: what role should a common Kenyan play?

Sweet Fire

The problem with Kenyans is that we know where trouble is but we want so much to play with its beard. Fire looks so beautiful we want to put our noses in it. My friend! Fifty-four years ago, the African in Kenya was allowed to make his own decisions by the European and today it is evident that he is the poorest decision maker alive. He makes good decisions, formulates good policies to bring about change and improvement, but he is the same genius who uses these policies to dehumanize others. And when he sees others who are better than him, he is ready to destroy them to make way for his lordship. Tell me about the assassinations of Tom Mboya, Ronald Ngala, JM Kariuki, George Saitoti and others who have died because they knew where the pot was leaking.

African Ailment

Let's take an example of Yoweri Museveni(for his case relates to what we have here in Kenya). He was a brilliant young man who opposed leaders who overstayed in power, calling such ‘an African ailment ’. Some Ugandans have been born and given birth knowing only Yoweri as the president. And what is this balderdash about one person leading for ten years and giving another the ‘remaining’ ten years? Seems there will never be a Nelson Mandela in Africa again. We deliberately fool ourselves that if we only stay in power for five years, it shows that we are weak.

The Party

When Kenyans burnt down a ‘plastic clinic’ in Kibera because Margaret Kenyatta had built it, it was the highest show of human ignorance and stupidity! We hope for a life which we do not know if it really exists. It's like being told there's a party and you burn down your house because... well, yeah! There's a party!!! Fun, isn't it? Should Kenyans be protesting and dying for one person? Christians believe that Jesus, their leader, died for them. Shouldn't Raila and Uhuru die for Kenyans in the streets if they really care? Shouldn't they wear crowns of thorns for us? Shouldn't we cry out, “Crucify them!!! Crucify them!!!”?

Our biggest problem is not being led by a particular leader; the problem is tribalism. If he becomes the leader, we will lose what they say we have stolen over the years and if he remains the leader, they will continue stealing from us.Kenyan politics aren't even politics, we are just ‘tribalists’ pretending to be democratic.

Peaceful Demonstrations

If both Raila and Uhuru wanted the best for this nation state, then we wouldn't be having people dying in streets because of those honourable peaceful demonstrations. It doesn't make sense that you should hold your head high claiming power while the people you want power from are hopelessly languishing. Be man enough. Leave the horse and let somebody worthwhile take control.

Kenyans must appreciate civilization. We are nobody's marionettes and there is only one tribe in the grave— silence.

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