Kenya Decides; How to Fight After Elections

Thursday, June 22, 2017
When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.

About a decade ago, Kenya( Island of Peace) became home to turmoil and despair. Smoke, arrows, bullets, blood and fire clouded this Paradise. There are scars that may not easily fade and try as hard as we may, it is not easy to forget. That long and we still have people stuck in tents(not out of love for camping) and still being called Internally Displaced Persons. All these due to a dispute in a general election. That two people we do not live with would destroy the neighbourliness that had existed among us for ages.

There's only a few days left and Kenyans will be going back to the ballot box. I most sincerely appreciate the maturity shown during the 2013 elections and the smooth transition of power... Oh! Or were we just afraid of ICC? If fear will drive us to do certain things, and not love, then it is not worth doing them. And this is why I wrote this article.

42 Presidents

I do not remember a day my tribe bought me land, a new car, or just a simple birthday present. We have 42 tribes in Kenya, and more. We can not have 42 presidents for one nation state. Being tribalist only tears Kenya into pieces and it is time Kenyans learnt that Kenya is bigger than Kikuyu, Luo and Nandi.

In 2007, if we are keen, it was Luo and Nandi on one side( because of Raila and Ruto) and Kikuyu on the other side(Kibaki). The other tribes joined either side and it began to rain malice. Now Ruto and Uhuru are on one side and Raila on the other. Does this ring a bell? Politicians will always go where favour lies. It will not surprise me if in 2022 Raila and Ruto will be in one coalition! So, who is the loser? The average Kenyan who sees Ruto and Raila during campaigns, and that's it. You will see them after five years!

Political Economy

Trust me, Raila becoming president or Uhuru remaining president will not change much, or anything. Why, for example, lower flour prices and launch the SGR immediately before elections? And are the prices even lower? Kenyans should learn political economy—I only do good when I want something from you. I'm not on Raila's side, or any politician's. Promises can be broken.

I don't want my children asking me why they can't see Mama Ciku and Baba Koech. I don't want my grandchildren asking me why Otieno's house was burnt. It is time arrows and spears were taken to the museums and bullets were used to fight terrorism and not wasted on our own flesh and blood—the Kenyan fraternity.

Voting Equals Betting

Go ahead, vote. When the results don't favour you, just remember that voting in Kenya is like betting. Don't create chaos over people who have policemen guarding them all year round. And how sure are you that when you fight, you will win? You win nothing when I die because I didn't support Raila. For once, let us leave the aspirants to fight among themselves. Let us fight to remain united. Blood is thicker than water but you won't do your laundry in blood.

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