The Superior Race: The Greatest Misconception

Friday, August 19, 2016

The Superior Race: The Greatest Misconception


"The migraine made me fail to report to work that day," recalls Anna, an office assistant at a certain branch of a company owned by a family of Caucasians. "The following day, though still in pain, I reported to work though a little bit late. The look on my boss' face made me jerk. I knew I was in for it."

And sure she was. After a string of obscenities and "that's why black people never advance", Anna was thoroughly beaten up by her American boss. When I spoke to Anna, she was still nursing the wounds. Her eyes were swollen and I couldn't believe that the person in her photos, which she showed me, was actually Anna.

Map of Gaza

I was curious when I saw a scar that looked like the map of Gaza on her neck, pardon the pun.

"Oh, this," she answered after I asked her who drew that map. "The same boss did it a few years ago when I was still new at my workplace. He had wanted a good time but I refused to comply. So he bruised my neck."

Oh! So these abuses have been going on for some time in the life of this soft spoken lady. But why can't she leave, you may ask.

"Despite these abuses, I make really good cash and I know that compared to other companies, the amount is hefty. I can't leave. I am a single mother and my daughter is all I've got. You know how tricky it can be to get a job here. I can't stand seeing my daughter lack the essentials. I want her to be better than me."

"And by chance," I ask, "does your boss know about your status back home?"

She nods.

So, our boss here is taking advantage of this useless black woman.

Superior Stranger

This is not the first case I've come across. So many cases of black people being abused by their white bosses are out there. To make it even worse, a stranger comes to your home, you welcome them wholeheartedly, they feel so at home and go about that's-why-black-people-never-advance-ing in your own threshold. Pardon my narrow mindedness but I wouldn't be the one to advocate for black people abusing white people. Even if it is in Africa.

Deeply, I believe each and every individual, despite their colour, deserves respect. And everyone has as much power as anybody else. The only difference between us is the amount of money we have. But you won't build skyscrapers in the grave no matter how rich you are. Financial freedom on your part shouldn't infringe on others' breathing space.

Stupidity and Intelligence

Friends have told me of how Indians abuse them when they work for them. "Afrika jinga" is a term commonly used by Indians in Swahili-speaking nations. The term is another way of saying "Africans are stupid." There's no wise grace and stupidity is like oxygen. I am stupid in things that you are intelligent in and intelligent in things that you are stupid in.

Equality is what should be practised universally. Unfortunately, people want to manage whatever they have their own way, which is good, but if you are boss and you feel you can't be satisfied with human labour, hire robots. Oops! Robots may fail. Why not hire angels? Still, I've heard tales of angels falling from the sky after admiring naked ladies bathing under waterfalls. Whatever you do, don't bring your emotions to work. Don't hit a black person because black reminds you of funerals and don't smite a white person because white reminds you of peace which you don't find quite peaceful. A superior race is the one that knows that each race is superior. Yeah, we can't have two heads under normal circumstances but you need the mouth as much as you need the anus.

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