In 2014 I wrote three books: ONLY A THOUSAND BOB(a collection of short stories), TEACHER MBATHA(a novella) and HOUSEHOLD ASUNDER(a novel). The stories in ONLY A THOUSAND BOB, I chose to place them on this blog. These are stories on issues of social concern including prostitution, corruption,narcissism and infidelity.

I started writing when I was ten but I wasn't careful enough. I 'lost' a collection of Swahili short stories (mythical and mystical), three novelettes and two novels. The most recent book to 'get lost' was a Swahili novel MTAGUSANO whose main focus was to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor in Kenya and the world as a whole. I lost this book in 2012(the same year I had completed writing it) under suspicious circumstances and in the safe hands of a teacher. This gave me a thorough blow and I swore on both of my kidneys and all the chambers of my heart never to write again.

However, in 2014, the writing bug bit my toe and insisted that I should write. That's when I wrote the three books and started working on one which I never completed. Talk of laziness. Currently, I am working on a couple of books which I'll be releasing as soon as I am done. Stay tuned.

Well, let's have a look at the books I've released today on Amazon:



This is an urban fiction title highlighting the challenges faced by developing countries. The book is set in post-colonial Kenya focusing on a rich family of a man by the name Juma Barasa. Juma is an entrepreneur who would do anything for fame and money. Anything. He does not smile at his enemy unless he's holding a dagger. Whoever crosses his way crosses to the 'other side' of life. He deals in illegal trades like poaching and running a brothel(illegal in most developing countries). However, he gets his way up without shedding a single strand of hair because people fear him.

His family in a Nairobian suburb causes him lots of migraines, especially because he loves his family yet he has no control over even a dead mouse in his house. His wife is the contemporary description of an 'independent woman' let loose. She is the cougar and the adulterer as her husband. The freedom of money.

Juma's children have varied characters. Kamau, the second born and only son, is the mirror reflection of his father. Cunning and always seeking trouble; with women and anything human. He even goes ahead to woo his teacher into a sexual relationship. Just like his father, none of his mischiefs make Kamau not find whatever he wants. His father is rich and feared,recall? Susan, the first born, is a carefree girl who does not know where she is and who does not look like she cares. She has all she needs, and in excess. She has money. Stacy is not just a child of this family. She treats everything with love, mostly Coco, their lonely cock. But she has to be bullied since she is the last in the house.

Karma, however, is not so fair on Juma as it is discovered at the end of the book that he has been sleeping with his maid! Oh, that shouldn't scare us, right? People sleep with their maids. But there is nothing as bitter as finding out that the maid, who has a son you've named your father, is actually your own daughter! And it is your fiftieth birthday!!! A daughter you left with your other wife, Martha, back in the rural.



A juvenile fiction book focusing on the lives of rural children in Africa and how they struggle to get quality education despite their humble background.

We are introduced to a rural public school in a Kenyan town. The challenges are uncountable including lack of enough teachers and poor learning conditions. A new head teacher is given the responsibility of managing this particular school and she feels she has a call to add at least one more teacher to the school. One more experienced teacher.

Her efforts and struggling through demonstrations finally bear fruit when her school gets a male teacher by the name Mbatha. Mr Mbatha is adorable, charming, inspiring and has got all a teacher should have. He descends in Maweni Primary School full of zest and knowledge which he pours inside the hungry brains. He grows both their education and talents by enabling the school rise beyond its limits and conquer the 'more than conquerors.'

After all these good, the good shepherd evolves into a hungry werewolf with yellow slime dripping from his mouth and nozzle. Ready to devour one of the pupils called Jerusha. Jerusha is shy and fears that 'talking ill' about Mr Mbatha, who has won accolades for being a great teacher, might land her in hot soup. But she recalls her head teacher's words that her shyness might become her death in future. She is in dilemma. She loves Mr Mbatha but she hates it that Mr Mbatha wants a different kind of love. Not the teacher-pupil love. So she takes courage and talks it out to her class teacher who is not convinced but dares set a trap.

It doesn't end well for Mr Mbatha as he is caught pants down trying to give Jerusha what he calls 'special treatment.' Find out the amazing way in which the trap is set.

Well, there's nothing difficult like reviewing your own book(s) but I know there's a lot more in the two books which I've not mentioned. Click on the screenshot below and have your copy today, and don't forget to tell everyone about this new release and help me raise my writing voice. Enjoy your reading and stay tuned for more titles!!!


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