What's The Big Deal?

Sunday, May 15, 2016


If we were to find mistakes in everything, we'd have a planet equal to Uranus. Filled with gallons, or whatever unit measures mistakes, of mistakes. If we were to criticize everything, then probably, we'd be assuming that earth should be some sort of paradise. The fun of life is not in perfection but the errors we make and posses.

There are things we can change yet others that cannot be changed. For those we cannot, it's good to embrace silence and try to find fun out of them. Imagine of a perfect world. Where calm resides and everything runs smoothly. No attack. Total peace. A myth.

The irony of life is that it is theft that teaches us to be careful and war that makes us seek for peace. We all desire that Paradise but when realities come knocking, we learn that the commotions here on earth are what teach us to be responsible.

We are human. And how we are is what defines us. Jealous, quarrelsome, jovial, courageous, proud, arrogant... And that's how we should be. We should have low self-esteem so as to fight our way towards feeling good about ourselves. We should be quarrelsome so that we may realise that noise can't move things.

We can't reach all of our fantasies but at the end of this mystery called life, that's when we realise that it was worth living among different people with varied personalities.

There's no big deal finding errors in everything. Because, yes, there are errors in everything. Surprisingly, even when we die, still there are things we don't get rid of completely.

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