Be The Dear You

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Be yourself. It's no use acting generous when you know you are mean. No need acting a coward when you know you are some Superman. Eventually, your true self will betray you.

The world us not looking for eight billion Snow Whites. It's looking for eight billion differences. The rogue, the lavish, the cowards... No need to act nice or act bad. Just be the dear you. You are supposed to be like that. That's why the dictionary has an explanation for a person like you.

A story is told of a donkey that dressed itself in a lion's skin. In the end, Hare discovered this and the animals that had been terrified by this lion with hooves made Donkey a laughing stork. Sorry, Donkey made himself a laughing stork to these animals.

Silicon injections don't make you give birth to an angel. With bubble booty and the face of the sun. Nope. You give birth to the ugly you with that nose you don't want people to discuss in your presence.

Don't force things. Only be yourself in moderation of the required degree. Don't force too much. Don't bite more than you can swallow.

Never get yourself in situations of trading both your kidneys to be a multi-billionaire when you know a cent to you is fantasy.

At the end of the day, the lion's mask comes off and we find an animal that we can adequately laugh at— a donkey!

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