Watching Your Lane

Sunday, April 17, 2016



With all blunt honesty, everyone able to read this or hear and comprehend this is chasing after a particular goal in life. We all have different aspirations that each should watch keenly. A philosopher once observed that it is not your best advice that people are after. People want to make fun of any circumstance you come across or so any misfortune that befalls you. Yet when some see you rise they stand with their heads so they may see you falling... Falling to the sky!

We live in a world where everyone knows they have an influence. And many have claimed superiority to a level that they think they have control over each and everything around them. They are the sun and all these others are the planets. Without them, life will be no more. Oh-oh! Watch out! You may be the sun buddy, but too much of you might destroy instead of creating.

As mentioned earlier we have different goals. You might be chasing after a different goal from mine. Oh-yeah! Or we might be chasing the same goal with different reasons. Some become astronauts for the fun of it yet some with a goal to reach their fantasy. Some, still, want to be astronauts to prove someone wrong or maybe to hunt for martial beings and other aliens. Where am I heading to? We all have different lanes and each of us should watch their lanes keenly.

We might be in the same race but there is a great great difference in each one of us. And that is how it should be. Some are running this race to appear on TV, some to be the best, some for fun yet some have no idea why the heck they are here. As long as you are running, watch your lane and don't concentrate much on what is of less importance to you. It's a race!

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