You're Too Young To Give Up

Friday, September 11, 2015


It feels painful to see someone living what you'd call your dream. You wish to be a musician someday. It occurs to you that people, even younger than you, have already anchored their roots in the showbiz. You're that old yet you're still struggling to reach there. You feel so embarrassed. You also feel so jealous that the ones you know cannot be better than you are already flourishing.

Life is not an abracadabra-hocus-pocus sort of thing. At least not to everyone. Not all of us wake up to be great people. Even those who have made it in life early have their struggles which when told, you'll be so surprised. And the mistake we always do is trying to equate ourselves to those around us. Each of us is unique and we have a unique story, or maybe we are working on one.

Your struggles and pains are part of your history-making. Failing and crawling to the top unsuccessfully doesn't mean you should give up. Legends were once called sissies and avoided by the rest of the society. However, they never gave the taunts time to materialise. They stood up for what they believed in and became who they are.

We admire superstars like the legendary Michael Jackson. We look at them and tell ourselves they were lucky. They had it easy that's why they became great. No way!

I've been told over and over that black people on the cover of magazines doesn't sell copies... Just wait. Someday those magazines will be begging me for an interview. Maybe I'll give them one, and maybe I won't.

Dreams don't take seconds to become real. You have to become deaf and dumb over some things and work your way to the top. Some achieve their dreams at eight while others at eighty. Some never achieve their dreams while alive. Some achieve them in the grave. Not everyone will buy your idea but that shouldn't be a reason enough to make you give up. Keep flying. You never know when your time will come. As long as you're reading this, you're too young to give up.

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