Must You Know Everything

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Living around perfectionists can be tough. It could make you feel a dot. That everything you do is bad and in no way can something good come out of you. It may demoralise you to extremes that you may think you're so down. ’Cause you always get it wrong. You'll never get it right. You'll never be as perfect as they are. Relax. Kua mpole.

Nobody has ever reached perfection and trust me, practice doesn't make perfect. It only draws you close to perfection. Being impeccant is conceptual. We have flaws because we are human. And to err is human. There are things that slip away from us unintentionally. Even the best of editors cannot edit their own story.

It is easy to point out other people's faults and maybe they are so funny they make us laugh. We forget we aren't extraterrestrial. That the errors are what make us unmatched. It feels sad to make a mistake and nobody wants to be reminded their mistakes. It should be the other way round. Try to be happy that you do mistakes. And feel good knowing that even those who claim perfection are errable. Blunders are part of us, however, we shouldn't plan to goof.

You cannot know everything. You don't need to. You cannot be perfect. Even clones never reach perfection. Anything human must have flubs. So, next time your nose falls off on stage, don't panic. Instead smile. Your lips didn't fall off. Be happy that you too can fumble just like everybody else. Cheers!!! Live life lively.


  1. Very tru... Si lazima ujue kla k2

  2. Ndyo iyo sasa, Vivian :)

  3. Good job my son. May the good lord give you more inspirations that may build us. God bless.

  4. @Emily, Thanks a lot mum.


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