Feel Good About Yourself

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Tooting your own horn can be disgraceful. However, it could as well boost your morale a great deal as a result making you achieve that which you never knew you could. If you don't feel good about yourself... If you're not gonna be your number one fan, who's gonna do it for you?

Tell the world you're the illest. You're the dopest. You're the bestest. You're the rock. You're the bomb. You're the star. You're the suavest. You're the crème de la crème. Feel good about yourself. Be happy. Stay happy. It's obvious those around you will say you're showing off. Well, go ahead and show off even more till you kick the nerves out of them. Show off because you're lucky you've got at least something to show. Them they have nothing to show. That's why they want you to stay in the dark as them.

Stand out. When you do something good be the first one to talk about it. Don't worry if some won't listen. Don't worry if they say it's trash. Sing about it, paint it, make graffiti of it. One day... Just one day... That trash may get you somewhere.

When a mosquito whines once, it isn't much of a bother. But when it does it twice, thrice... It gets attention. Seek attention. Don't wait for the pot to come to you. Search for it. You're the one with thirst, not the pot. Bang doors! Fly chairs! Bang tins! Hit billboards. Talk about how great and adorable you are. Some will boo, some will cheer. Assume everybody cheered and do it even more. Feel good about yourself.


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