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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Last year, I'd read famous African writers and get shocked as I started to realise that there was cold war between them and the whites. Americans to be precise. From the high school set book Damu Nyeusi which literally meansBlack Blood to the posts by African writers on their blogs and Facebook pages. I felt there was something that needed clarification. I didn't get them well. But it is hard to confront someone and ask them, “Why exactly do you hate America? Why are you so against the US?”

During childhood, America was heaven. It should be. Especially to a savage mind. When tourists came from this Paradise, we could feast on sweets thrown to us by the white gods. As they took photos and maybe made fun of us. To us we believed that it was a show of love. But as years pass, I ask myself, if the sweets were to be thrown to American children by us, how many will bend to pick them?

I am not racist. I write this from a neutral point of view. I can't remember quite well but I once read of this African model, who happens to be so dark, and I was surprised that she was once told rudely that she should carry her own make up. You should read that statement again. I have a feeling it was my favourite Ajuma Nasenyana.


Then recently, local media channels had it that there is a certain presidential candidate in the US who claims that he will deport all Mexican and Kenyan immigrants back to their countries. Of course, including our best US President Barack Obama. I have no bone to pick with deporting illegal immigrants from one's country but I wonder. How did an immigrant become the US President and get a second term in the same country? Were the countrymen asleep? Did he put in their heads some juju?

Then it dawns on me that America is the world's biggest racist in disguise. And I agree with Ken Walibora's story Damu Nyeusi. I know I have big friends from the US and if I conclude that all Americans are racists, probably, I'd be lying. But the fact is a majority of Americans is racist. We should not forget that in the recent past Kenya has been compared to Syria and termed a hotbed of terror. To scare away foreign tourists. No feelings attached. Just the blunt truth.

My writings have been termed biased but deep inside me lies a calm American and British. So, I write this as an American and African. Africa is growing and like it or not issues will be there till we reach full civilisation. But being so much against black because black reminds you of funerals, is not kind. Looking for excuses to bar others from seeing the beauty in black is not kind. Don't make us feel blacker. Tell us that black also symbolises strength and resilience. Not evil and mischief. I salute Americans who love Africa!!! For those who don't, a reminder. America's earliest inhabitants are the red Indians. So, if there emerges a war of immigrants, then America should be left to the red Indians and the rest be deported to their countries. Whoo-hoo! I wanna be a lawyer. Lie. I love writing. Still, if there are illegal immigrants in America, it's fair they were deported. Without bias and even sons and daughters of Africa who have made America proud, if found guilty, Africa is ready to take back it's shame. Hail America! Hail Africa! Remember:

...but if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew you never knew
~Venessa Williams

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