A Chest Like This

Saturday, August 15, 2015


The reason you are not reaching your goals is the many limits you have created for yourself. Or maybe you have reached the cliff and thought maybe going back is the only option you've got. You never thought of jumping off because you feared the rocks or the sea below which you never saw but imagined there was one. You asked yourself, 'What if I die?' but never asked yourself, 'What if I don't die?' You reached the wall and gave up instead of climbing it or drilling through. Or getting a ladder to get you to the other end or using other means you never got time to think about.

It's our weakness to focus on what we do not have. So we never look at what we have and how we can use it to get that which our hearts desire. We look at what the society will say, forgetting that we are part of that society. We are the society. We fear being called names and ridiculed for standing for what we believe in. What will people say?

You can't please everyone. Some will tell you to carry the donkey on your back. You can't be good enough not to hurt people's feelings and have them talk bad and doubt your intention. People will mistake you even where they need not. Since they do not understand that not every dog that barks at you wants to bite you. Maybe it's the dog's way of saying, 'Hey, who are you? Could we be friends... I'm Bingo! What's your name?' Or it's just trying to see how strong you are. That not every dog that stalks you wants to eat you up. Maybe it's the dog's way of saying, 'Hey, this place can be dangerous; let me guide you where to put your foot.' So people will pick a stone to scare you away but later on they'll cry to themselves, 'I wish I walked with that dog. Maybe I'd spare my purse.'

Keep knocking. Being refused from one door does not mean others will not open. You knock even harder and never give up when told, 'Go away, silly idiot!' Knock, knock, knock. And you will be surprised when one person gives an ear. Amazing enough, the doors that refused to open at your hour of need are the ones that will be begging you visit them. All of them will be open and you'll be the one to decide which door to enter.

It takes a few seconds to be announced a hero but miles of time to become a hero. You don't need to prove to anyone you can do what you know you can do. People are not willing to listen to your bullshit. They want you to listen to their bullshit. I derive a lot of inspiration from the tale of David and Goliath. Trying to imagine of David telling his brother, "Look! Yesterday I killed a bear... I've once killed a lion..."

You can guess the response, "Don't be silly, you teenager! You can only kill a bear and a lion inside your head. To kill a real lion and bear, you need a chest like this!"

But what happens when Goliath's head is in David's hand? We change the script to, "That's my brother. I knew he'd kill the giant. He once killed a biiiiig bear and a mountain of a lion."

So, when mistaken or taken lightly, just be thankful for who you are and dare do what the whole army can't. The pebble in your hand may just be enough to save the whole nation and bring glory to what was to be turned gory. Who are you not to be laughed at? People around you will never see sense in what you do and you will be the one to be told to look after sheep. You will be the laughing stork. The insane one. One who can only talk to animals(sheep). The last to eat. Without skill or mastery in war. Full of errors. Childish. Stupid. How else will people be ashamed? You get the sling, pick a few pebbles... You know you killed a lion and a bear(don't tell). It's you to be called king as 'a chest like this' becomes your servant. It's the one with a hump that saves the village. Don't worry about what is done behind your back. Only a coward will do things meant to hurt you behind your back. But mischief does bounce back and it hurts the doer harder since... er... It's meant to hurt.

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