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Sunday, July 12, 2015


"Class, can you give me some of the changes that girls experience during adolescence," came Miss Shammim's super-angelic voice.

"Big breasts," Rashid buzzed from the back of the class. The class trembled with laughter.

"Can you have some manners, Rashid," the angel in Miss Shammim was no more. "Use 'enlargement in breasts' instead!" Shifting her attention to the rest of the class,"What other changes?"

"Attraction to the opposite sex," Jerusha, the upcoming biologist.

"That is common in both boys and girls!"

Maurine felt odd. She felt odd and embarrassed. Not that she did not experience the physical changes. She had them all including a perfectly sculpted backside. Acne was also taking the best of her. But her beauty remained intact. The beauty which made her receive verbal accolades from boys in her class. Other girls were painted green with jealousy when they saw boys ogling Maurine. When boys could slip romantic letters in her schoolbag. Why was she taking all of them?

There's even an instance when Felix and Dismus found themselves in a strange scene. Felix had touched Maurine's breasts in the presence of Dismus, the aspiring boyfriend. Things became intense.

"Why are you touching her, warthog?"

"Have I used your hands, foolish pig?" the vexed Felix slapped Dismus on his cheek.

Dismus could not take the slap for granted. He replied kindly with a determined fist that landed safely on Felix's forehead. Ouch!

"Fight! Fight! Fight!" colleagues cheered uproariously as the two boys tried to show each other who was man enough to have Maurine. No one intervened. Wrestling was like football at Maurine's school. So the gentlemen went on with their fellowship in blows, firsts and kicks.

"You have not even grown hair in your armpits, you hairy porcupine! Idiot!" Felix coughed.

"You think you'll have her, huh?" Dismus swept Felix artistically with his left foot. The elephant fell with a thud-of-the-year as dust flew away from the ground.

That was enough to enlarge the audience that was enjoying the poetic show. Pupils cheered as the two bulls sank their horns in each other with vehemence. Dismus dug fists in Felix's face like the proverbial Apocalypse was in the offing and Felix was the only rock that would hinder him from going to the skies.

"Hey, stop!" the headmaster roared like an angry bear.

"Aaaaaargh!" the furious mob threatened to send the headmaster to the land of go-away. But the law is greater than the giver.

The rivals divorced. Felix was sweating red from the many injuries Dismus had donated on his face. A chain of hills decorated his forehead.

"Were it not for him, I could have maimed you, lame rat!" Felix meowed and purred.

"To the office!" commanded the commander-in-chief of Majiwe Primary School. Mr Mwaura was his name and hell was the other name of his office. When he held the cane in his office and you were the feast, then sorry. You saw the Christian devil with three flaming horns on Mr Mwaura's chin. He caned as if the teacher's technical training college he went to forced him to specialise in caning techniques. When he thrashed you, you felt so amazing. Oy! He made sure he gave you a sitting disorder during his practice. If not a walking malady. Or worse, you could not stand, move, sit, run, eat, breath... He caned the whole anatomy!!!

The culprits led the road to hell as Mr Mwaura followed; joy in his blood. Maurine watched as her men vanished and the unhappy crowd scattered. She felt sorry for the two handsome boys. Not that she loved one or both but they were killing each other over something that was not theirs. She had no feelings towards them. She was not in the same sea as them. They were wasting time basking in the glory that was not there.


Time flew like a rocket speeding against light. Maurine passed her exam favourably hence she joined a famous high school. The new environment was warm and welcoming. A pure school was a dream she held tight in her chest. No Dismus and Felix would spill blood over her. But as she became familiar with her surroundings, she began to realise something. The fight was still there. Not between Felix and his best friend, Dismus. Cold war existed between two male teachers. Maina and Kimingi. Both had had an opportunity to teach Maurine and other students in her class. Both had a strong feeling towards Maurine. They wanted her. So each tried their best to outwit the opponent with whichever weapon they thought effective.

"Maurine," called Kimingi one Games Time.

"Yes, sir!"

"I need you to help me fix something in my office."

Good morals drove the girl into Kimingi's office. Maina, who had overheard the suspicious conversation, could not hold back the jealousy bubbling in his chest. He had a plan. A delicious one.

"Could you please help me arrange the files on the blue shelf?"

"Okay, sir."

Maurine could not see what was to be arranged since the shelf was neat.

"But, sir," Maurine.

"Yes, please."

"I think everything is in order."

"No-no! Everything is in order but not the right order. Put the files with black colour atop the red ones."

She began obediently. Her back facing Kimingi who was seated at his desk. Maurine was the sexiest girl he had ever seen in his sixty years' experience on earth. As she moved, her buttocks whirled like a tornado. Having no more battery left in his self-control, he moved towards the astonishing work of art. For better vision.

"Shhhhhhh!" he cautioned holding tight her chest from the back. That was Maurine's first time to come close to a man. And she was wrapped in his arms with her base stuck in his loin.

"Teacher, you can't!"

"Yes, we can! You'll understand why I want to do this Maurine, my margarine," Kimingi pecked her chubby cheeks as he said that. "You need to know people. High school results become so good when you are one thing with the teacher."

"I'm not like other girls, you rogue rat!" thundered Maurine.

"You..." Kimingi had not finished his statement when the door broke open. Maina and Miss Cheruto made the audience of the unveiling Alejandro video clip. Maina also happened to be the principal while the lady doubled up as the head of guidance and counseling department and the Christian Union matron. Kimingi, a mere mathematics teacher with no rank, saw his final day in his teaching career. What a sad barren draw. Like what used to happen long ago when Manchester United met the other Manchester.


"I have not been having an affair with him," Maurine cried at the guidance and counseling office.

"It's okay," Miss Cheruto, the school psychologist. "But avoid them; all of them are beasts. I prefer a close friendship with those of the female gender since they are less harmful. They are good, the female ones."

"Madam," Maurine called amid tears.

"Yes, child."

"There is something about me that... that... I don't understand."

She looked at Miss Cheruto as if shocked with the step she was going to take. Could she confide in her? Confide in Cheruto? The woman in glasses with red lips like those of a mongoose that had just savoured a sumptuous chicken? The lady who knew what fashion really meant and would not put 'n' in place of 'f'? Would such a beautiful lady listen to her?

"What about you, Maurine?"

"I'm different."

"Yes, you should be. In this sort of environment you ought to have principles that..."

"Not that way."

"Do you have two different apparatus on you?"

"No. What I mean is, my sexual orientation..."

"Ah! You feel you are a..."

"Yes," Maurine said in something between a whisper and a whistle. Like a rodent pinned to the wall. Cheruto was perplexed, gobsmacked, speechless... Tears. Fresh tears had begun to follow the trail of the older ones down Maurine's cheeks. She felt peculiar and queer. Cheruto had not yet recovered from the shock which she did not know whether to classify as nauseating or amazing.

"So, when you see me you see..."

"Yes. I've tried to fight it but it has remained deep in my heart."

"And are you okay with it?"

"When alone, yes, but not in the company of colleagues."

"The principal should know this!" Miss Cheruto did not say that. Instead she said, "That makes the two of us." Miss bit her lower lip playfully, winked her left eye behind the glasses and before anyone could say 'what the' they started to...


It was almost by coincidence that the two classmates met in their hometown. Maurine was dressed beyond her nines and Felix was not a disappointment. At first, Felix did not know who the smiling girl behind dark shades was until Maurine called him by his name.

"I'm so sorry for the embarrassment I caused you that day."

"Ah! It has nothing to do with our today for it happened two decades ago."

"But the guilt still haunts me."

"Bah! Forget it, Felix."

"Thank you for forgiving me... So, what are you doing at the moment?"

"Nothing really. I'm a housewife... watch out!" Maurine cautioned when she saw a motorist carelessly practising his trade.

They moved a few metres from the road which the motorist had left shining with an amazing work of dust. Maurine had company. A girl she had told Felix was called Miriam. They seemed to be age-mates. Both were as beautiful as the Himalayas.

"Your guy must be lucky to have you," Felix mourned. He still loved Maurine.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha! She is one lucky guy!"

"Mmmmm.... And I see you also have the 'he-she' problem," he laughed at his remark. This reminded him of their former class mistress who called all boys 'she' and all girls 'he'. "Just like Madam Tanui."

"Ha-ha-ha! No, Felix. He is actually a 'she' and..."

"Now that's being a misandrist. You cannot call your husband a 'she'. Please, have some respect for us." Felix signed with a girlish giggle.

"What I mean is, Miriam is actually my husband."


Adapted from
Man of The Cloth and Other Stories
An Anthology of Short Stories
by Brady Kenya
First Edition

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